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Warranties & Cover

We understand that purchasing a car is a major investment and one you will want to protect as far as possible.

We have been trading under the Norman Motors name since 1953, and we are proud to have built up an enviable reputation for excellent customer care, which brings a high percentage of returning customers and client recommendations.

We are confident in the quality of all cars sold, but as we all know, when it comes to anything mechanical, things can go wrong from time to time.

Every car purchased from us comes with a warranty (either the existing manufacturer’s warranty or our 6 months Norman Motors Optimum/Optimum Plus+ warranty managed by Driver First, Europe’s leading warranty provider.

Covering diagnostics, wear & tear, battery use an recovery/home start, this warranty provides you with excellent cover and peace of mind should the unexpected happen.

When buying a car from us, ask our professional sales team to tell you more about the extended warranties and extras available to keep you on the road and to keep your car looking its best.

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Norman Motors Warranty

  • Mechanical
    Protect yourself against most mechanical or electrical failures.
  • Cosmetic
    Keep your car in pristine condition.
  • Financial
    GAP & RTI Cover - covers the difference between the value of the car (offered by your insurer) and the purchase amount.

Used Car Warranty

When you purchase a quality used car from Norman Motors you will receive either the existing manufacturer’s warranty or our 6 months Norman Motors Optimum/Optimum+ warranty backed by Driver First, Europe’s leading warranty provider. For added peace of mind we do recommend that you extend your warranty period at the time of purchase and save money with our competitively priced cover.

An extended Norman Motors Optimum/Optimum+ warranty will cover you for many eventualities. Our Comprehensive warranties come with unlimited mileage and up to £6,000 individual claim limit. (Unlimited claims may be made over the duration of the policy up to the value of your car at the time of policy purchase).

Optimum warranty

For vehicles over 8 years/60,000 miles.

Optimumplus+ warranty

For vehicles under 8 years/60,000 miles.

With cover starting from as little as £595 for SUV/4x4/engine size over 2.5 litre, you have added reassurance that you are protected against the costs associated with mechanical or electrical failure or expensive repairs. Our warranties also include Norman Motors Assist offering roadside rescue, repair and recovery.

Warranties & Cover

For more details on our extended warranty, please download and view our leaflet below

Used car warranty

Affordable, comprehensive cover

  • optimum warranty
  • optimumplus+ warranty

Rescue and recovery with
Norman Motors Assist

The Norman Motors Optimum/Optimumplus+ warranty offers you roadside rescue, repair and recovery.
Our cover extends across the UK and includes:

  • Home repairs & assistance
  • Caravans & trailers
  • Roadside repairs & assistance
  • Puncture cover
  • Onward destination service
  • Unlimited callouts per year (no excess)
  • Accident recovery
  • Any driver
  • Overnight accommodation
  • 24 hours/365 days a year

GAP & RTI Cover

Warranties & Cover

Purchasing a car is a major financial outlay, and one you may wish to protect as much as possible. No matter what type of car you buy, its value will depreciate (although a quality used car loses value less quickly than buying a brand new vehicle off the forecourt).

Even if your car is insured with fully comprehensive cover, you can still lose money should your car be stolen or written off.

As a customer at Norman Motors, we can offer you the option to purchase GAP and RTI insurance at competitive prices.

GAP insurance (Guaranteed Asset Protection) and RTI insurance (Return to Invoice) covers the difference between the value of the car (offered by your insurer) and the amount you paid for the car when purchased from us.

We recommend you consider this level of insurance if you have a finance arrangement in place to purchase your car.

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